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Economic Sector Analysis


I can tailor a presentation you want on the topics of National and World Macroeconomics, Local Micro and Macroeconomics. A business sector analysis, analyzing debt and balance sheets of businesses and banks, future projections and more. Taxes correlation to indebtedness. Government overviews. Check out my presentation on cashless future below. 

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Monetary History, Future Monetary Policies and Other Economic Systems


I can tailor a presentation around certain historical events. A grand overview of the history of money, fiat currency and other economic systems. Outlooks on what policies the central banks will use to try to push their agenda further. The History of Gold and Precious Metals. The history of Central Banking. The history of Governments. Cryptocurrency and other economic systems. The Flaws of the Current Keynesian Monetary Model. How Money works.

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Blockchain and Crypto


I can tailor presentations to do anything from how-to Bitcoin, to how to crypto. How blockchain can change industries and the way we as humans govern yourself — the Future of Money: Decentralized or Centralized Cashless.

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Telecommunication and The Economy


I can speak on what my thoughts are on the coming 5G infrastructure. The difference between different Cellular technologies. The health issues of high voltage. The Economical impact of Telecom infrastructure and vulnerabilities.

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Governance: Past, Now and Future


I can speak on the future of societal governance. How the current governing system of democracy is flawed. How the importance of money and governance is. When you corrupt money you corrupt society. 

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My Books


I have presentations that are up to date speaking on the Topics of the Canadian Economy and how I think Canada is on a dangerous economic path and The End of Freedom: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us. Where I speak on the history of money and what we are up against currently.

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The Cashless Future