Are You Looking For Advise on Your BlockChain Platform or on Fianancial Decisions

 John Sneisen is not a financial advisor and cannot give any financial advice. It is of Johns own opinion and is not meant in any form as financial advice. 

The outcomes of your decisions will be for you to research and are only made up of Johns opinions on historical events using his historical knowledge to try to see in the future. 

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Economic Sector Analysis


I can tailor a investment presentation on a market that you want on the topics of National and World Macroeconomics, Local Micro and Macroeconomics. A business sector analysis, analyzing debt and balance sheets of businesses and banks, future projections and more. Taxes correlation to indebtedness. Government overviews. Check out my presentation on cashless future below. 

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Monetary History, Future Monetary Policies and Other Economic Systems


I can tailor a presentation around certain historical events. A grand overview of the history of money, fiat currency and other economic systems. Outlooks on what policies the central banks will use to try to push their agenda further. The History of Gold and Precious Metals. The history of Central Banking. The history of Governments. Cryptocurrency and other economic systems. The Flaws of the Current Keynesian Monetary Model. How Money works.

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Blockchain and Crypto


I use my knowledge of economic systems and monetary history to advise Blockchain and Crypto companies to make the best possible business decisions. An example is my current work as a financial advisor with UOS Blockchain a Delegated Proof of Importance. I am continually working on bringing great Crypto and Blockchain minds together through my annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Creating Reports to Individuals and Businesses


I have been creating analytical content for many years. I can take data and visualize your data to make it more informative and understandable for you and your customers on many different economic topics. You can find my recent work on Infogram.

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Analysis of Governments and Governance Platforms


I am giving an Analysis for governments on how they can streamline their governance — implementing blockchain to remove corruption and drastically downsize the governments with the new technology. I can also show small nations to completely take away the power of the government and give the governance back to their population. John can also help political parties on how they can promote the implementation of blockchain and show how to approach and educate the public.

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