John Sneisen: World Leading Economic Analyst, Writer and Speaker

John Sneisen: World Leading Economic Analyst, Writer and Speaker

John Sneisen: World Leading Economic Analyst, Writer and SpeakerJohn Sneisen: World Leading Economic Analyst, Writer and SpeakerJohn Sneisen: World Leading Economic Analyst, Writer and Speaker

 2 Times Bestselling Author and Monetary History Expert 



Winnipeg Crypto Conference


My goal is to educate the population of the world about currencies and money. Therefore I am putting on a conference in Winnipeg, Canada on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Check it out here.

Meetups in Winnipeg


I host several meetups a year discussing money, economics and current political events in Canada and the world. You will be enlightened and learn that there is a lot more to this world than your current view of it. Find out more here.

Freedom Force International


I have been working with G. Edward Griffin since 2015 building Freedom Force International. It has grown and now have a big conference educating people on topics of health, wealth and politics called the Red Pill Expo. We are also currently building a freedom-oriented university. FFI is represented by people in 50+ countries.

World Alternative Media


I have been an economic analyst for over three years on one of the Worlds fastest growing Alternative Media with a focus on finance and money. We reach over a million viewers a month. I have been doing 500+ reports sharing my expertise on multiple topics from economics, monetary history, geopolitics and telecom economics and tech. You can find more here.

Economic Analysis and Reports


I do reports on banking, central banks, debt, monetary history, nations and many more. You can find all the stats, and some paid reports here. Contact me at to get more info.  

UOS and U.Community


I am a massive advocate for blockchain technology. I see it as a way to build a decentralized future without the need for centralized controlled government and money. Another problem today is censorship of Social Media today. These problems have a solution, and it's UOS. Their approach to these problems is great, and I am an economic and business advisor for their development team. Find out more here. White Paper. Yellow Paper. Presentation.



I am the Chief Economist and advisor for the Uberstate Blockchain.

Uberstate is positioned to be the market leader in both monetization, and tokenization, of real estate assets on the blockchain. Uberstate is the first company of its kind to involve Securities Token Offerings or STO’s that offer ownership in real estate.



Coming up soon! Coming to a City near you over the 

The Liberty Advisor and The Economic Truth Podcast


Like my content on YouTube? I have teamed up with Financial Planner and Financial Advisor Tim Picciott to do a 1-1.5 hour podcast every two to three weeks, where we dive deep into economic data and analyze it. Join us on our Discord channel, where we have a community for you that want to protect your assets in the coming economic collapse. Join us here:

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