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Live on CBC Information Radio Speaking Bitcoin

by John Sneisen | CBC

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The Economic Truth

The economic Truth Fiat Currency in Economy today is understood by most people as a Governments issue and that they will fix it. You need to know a FIAT Currency Crash will be your problem as well and the Government wont be there to help you!

Our Mission

Locally, nationally and internationally, The Economic Truth – we want to help you better understand the world economics. is a vocal advocate for the FIAT Currency’s destruction of the world. We travel to every corner of the globe to help educate people about the Currency System used today on a global basis. We also advocate to find your own system when the system dies.,

Proud Ambassador

We support Mike Maloney and his Hidden Secrets of Money as today’s FIAT Currency system is the biggest scam in history of mankind.

Hidden Secrets Of M0ney

Member of Freedom Force International

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One of the unique features of Freedom Force is that, unlike most organizations, it does not have a hiearchical chain of command. It is a network of people, all of whom share power and responsibility. It is, in fact,holographic in function with leadership dispersed throughout the entire organization. The mission is tree-fold:

1. To be keeper-of-the-flame for the ideals expressed in The Creed of Freedom.

2. To bring unity to the global freedom movement.

3. Using parliamentary action, to remove collectivists from control of the power centers of society and replace them with individualists.

Economic Analyst at World Alternative Media

At World Alternative Media I share my opinion on global markets and analyse geopolitics and events around the world. I also bring in experts on different parts of the global markets from Commodities, Derivatives and Real Estate.

We make reports that mainstream media would never talk about giving you the truth about markets!

Meet Me in Person

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Join us in person and chat about money, economics and world events. Having a hard time putting together the the pieces to make sense of what is happening in your community or in our world today? We try to help putting the pieces together from why does thing cost more and more. Why do I pay more and more in taxes and get less and less back.

Our Meetup Group meets in Winnipeg Manitoba on a regular basis!

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Want John Thore Stub Sneisen to come out to your group?

John has extensive knowledge on the topics of Money and Economics. Since he does not have a PHD in Economics his message becomes clearer and he uses an easier language to explain how our Monetary System works, how economics works in today’s form or how other systems can work within our current system or replace it. He also makes economics entertaining to learn about as he is not a lecturer, but a passionate teacher that understands how people learn new information. He has over the last years predicted several economic events like Negative Interest Rates, Venezuelan Hyperinflation, The Lowering of Interest Rates not hiking as the experts predicted. He understand that today’s economics in a way that he can predict the Death of Money as we see it today and that Central Banking will fail yet again. He speaks about how our current form of monetary system has failed over 400+ times the last almost thousand years.

Speaking Engagements

John has extensive speaking experience speaking to crowds from 5-1000 people. He can put forward a message that cuts through the economic fog and help you understand how the monetary system works in a very simple terms. Keep it Simple is rule number one as Economics, Geopolitics, Local Politics and our Monetary system could be a daunting task to understand. John has also authored a book on this topic and is an Amazon Bestseller in Financial Risk Management.

Economic Analysis

John can dig into different subjects in today’s economic world and find several economic correlations and analyze from behaviors of State Leaders and Economists what economic outcomes we will see. He also gives people an easy understanding of words used in economics like Bail In, Bail Out, QE, Black Out Period, Share Buybacks, Monetary Velocity, Dead Cat Bounce, MER, CDO, MBS, CDS and many other loved acronyms used by bankers, corporations, governments and economists. By understanding history John can predict the behavior and outcomes many years ahead and he see new economic trends like Blockchain, Cashless Societies, RFID, Automation and new technologies that are disruptions and game changers in our current economic future forecast. 

Live on CBC Information Radio Speaking Bitcoin

by John Sneisen | CBC

Connecting You to The Right People

With the knowledge John has acquired over the last 8 years of studying economics he has bumped into and connected with like minded people, experts and analysts around the world. He has connected with Investors, Business Owners and Financial Planners that have a different view than what the mainstream has and can help you connect with these individuals. Connecting people to the right people is important and Robert T. Kiyosaki said “your network is your net-worth”. Through his involvement with several global organizations have given him the ability to connect great people and help people put good ideas out to the public.

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