Lately I have been engulfed in a couple of big projects. One of them has been writing a book on the history of money from a different point of view than many academics!

I wanted to get the truth out about the money you use in your local country and how throughout time this type of government enforced currency becomes worthless over and over again!!

It frustrates me that no one in mainstream media is talking about this! Why is no one telling the people about the inevitable? The failure of our monetary system.

Do you think that you own the money in your bank account? Or do you think that your retirement will be paid out when you retire?


The money in your bank account is not really yours. It is the banks and only when you take your money out of the bank in cash does it become yours again! The retirement money that you hope you will be getting from the government that you have paid into over years is also uncertain if you will get when you retire.

If our monetary system fails that money that you saved up will have the faith like over 600 other currencies throughout history it will be come worthless over night if you haven’t protected your wealth like 1000’s of elites do as they know the ultimate faith of our monetary system.


They also know how to use today’s system to make themselves very wealthy. By printing new money and then buy assets with it. And as the new money hits the market when the asset is bought the asset will have increased in value and they have accumulated wealth.

We have been told a lie about the money we so openly accept to use and it is time to educate yourself on what the truth is about our monetary system!!

I highly suggest you read my new book:

The End of Freedom:How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us

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It will delve into the history of our current system, but most importantly what is happening today and how you can protect yourself against any danger approaching of a massive market failure and peoples lost trust in the monetary system.

I was blessed to get the foreword done by G. Edward Griffin the Author of The Creature of Jekyll Isle: A Second Look at The Federal Reserve and the Founder of Freedom Force International.

His book is known as the bible on Central Banking and the banking system!

I also wanted to share with you a mini documentary with me and my friend Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. Where we will give you a quick run through of our monetary history and inflation. Click Here

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John Sneisen