The Economic Truth want to help you better understand the world around you. We see too many people that don’t know what is going on! It’s time for Paradigm Shift!!!!


We volunteer our time to help educate people financially. We want to exploit the current Monetary System for what it is, but also research and come up with solutions to the people!


The book The End of Freedom: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us became a number one best seller on Amazon on February 19, 2016. Thanks for all of your support.

Our Founder

Foundation History

A path that started by wondering how and why prices always raised and why everything was so much “cheaper” when my parents were young.

With curiosity comes the want to find answers. I have always been curious about how the world works in any shape or form and my last 7 years have been dedicated to better understand the world’s monetary systems and how we can create a better place after the coming failure of out current monetary system the FIAT Currency System.

2016 – The book, The End of Freedom: How our monetary System Enslaves Us becomes a number one best seller.
2016 – Website re-developed
2015 – Authored the Book The End of Freedom: How our monetary System Enslaves Us
2015 – Partnered with Winnipeg Alternative Media
2013 – Founded our webpage.
2013 – First public speeches about the monetary system.
2012 – The idea takes form and a good friend came up with the name.