A Truth Based Economy

Politics are a failed system!

Can we base a society only on telling the truth and searching for the best possible ways for humans on the planet?

I have studied politics and have found that the system as it exists today is flawed and has failed throughout history. Politics are there for you so you can feel that you can make a difference. Politicians will always try to move through legislation that will benefit them and their friends.
The truth is withheld from the people and I think the truth is the most important part of a system to help people trust you as a leader! A truth based economy is neither on the total government control side or no government control. It actually gives you the choice; you can choose between communism and free market capitalism. By that we mean the real free market system that existed from the inception of the US, but not in existence in the crony capitalist world we live in today. We need choices to get a real revolution. What we see today is that most revolutions leave the people a lot worse off than when they started one as people are fed up, but uneducated about economic systems and history.

Let’s create a truth based economy!

What is a truth based economy? Here are 10 points giving you an insight into what to expect from a truth based economy.

  1. Researchers will only focus on creating products, services and inventions you.
  2. There will be no consumer economics, meaning planned obsolescence will be obsolete!
  3. There will be a strong focus on creating the best possible health products and services for humanity
  4. There will be great focus on cooperation between humans, but no collectivism as we have today where the 51% can put rules and laws on the 49% of society.
  5. There will be very simple laws and if taxes, extremely minimal.
  6. Nutritional studies will be very important as studies on how to become the best possible human.
  7. You can choose to implement the truth based economy with almost any system that does not have politics involved.
  8. Focus on truth and finding the best possible truth possible researching
  9. There will be no need for banks with today’s system as they are inherently lying to us about the monetary system.
  10. You can choose to live with or without money. And you are free to participate through all different systems as there will be built interfaces between the systems so we are all able to connect.

<h3>Is a truth based society even possible?</h3>

Yes, we are not talking about a society where you have to tell the truth 24/7, but the truth part is in making the society the best possible for all participants. Not benefitting only a few, but all of us! Yes, we do need a paradigm shift as we have to think of the better of humanity and not just the better of me. It is important to be an individual, but it is more important to be an individual in a cooperative society.

There will be no defined leader structure, but there will be gatherings where all people can give their inputs. At these gatherings natural leaders will move forward and help lead people through a discussion. The question will not be do we vote for or against, the question asked will be is this for the better of all of us? If yes, great make it into existence, if not, rebuild it or look at something else.
What do you think about a society where the truth is the focal point for human enhancement and for the future of our species? Please leave a comment and share with friends and family. Thinkers, teachers, philosophers, leaders and everyone else around the world, your thoughts and opinions are very important! It is time to move away from a system that corrupts us and the time to move into a new system from the failing FIAT currency system has come.

It is time to move away from old thinking, take everything we learned so far and rethink society in its entirety!