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What a bunch of bull from Jacob Lew current US Treasury Secretary. He says the world has been safer after the current Wall Street Reform Act. This is what they said after similar Acts imposed by an illiterate government.

Meanwhile the biggest driver of bubbles are the Federal Reserve and the same banks that blew up the markets as they sell bad toxic investments to the Central banks that keep them on their balance sheets with no exit strategy.

FED printing vs wilshire 5000 top us compNYSE-Margin-DebtBiggestbuybackcoslastdecade

If you have any sanity at all you would have seen that we have experienced the death of any resemblance of a free market in mid 2013. That is when many correlating commodities to different type of asset charts for the first time in history diverged.

gold vs currency printing fed balance sheetabenomicsoil vs sp500 manipulation

Worker participation rates are down, good jobs are not getting created as over 50% of new jobs are part time minimum wage jobs. The real economy is dead and the Collectivist, Crony Capitalist economy has taken over controlling every aspect of our life. Meanwhile the risks are piling up as stock markets are driven up by debt, share buy backs instead of innovation and industrial growth.

IncomeDistribution79 to 07monetary velocity M2 USreal unemployment uscontent_BIZ_OPENING_VS_CLOSINGLabor Participation Rate - August 2012

It is utterly insane to think what Jacob Lew the Wallstreeter that he is wants to tighten the grip on his buddies. No when the governments say that they want to make you safer run!!! Run!!!

These are similar words that was spitted out by other Wall Street criminals in US government right before the crash in 2001 and 2008. Nothing has changed and if you think you are safer. Take a look at how much safer the world became after September 11th 2001!! The world has more war more terror and more riots and killings than before 2001 by far!!!

Global debt accumulation 2014derivatives

Leverage FED 2014Here is what you need to understand!! When the governments tell us to do something do the opposite. When the wall street and bankers tells us what to do then you do the opposite. All they want to do is to profit from you being an idiot listening to them. And then they would never see it coming if you asked them after a crash.


It was 7 years between the 2001 dot com bubble and the derivative 2008 bubble. We are now 7 years past the crash in 2008 and we are due for another crash of epic proportions.

banking derivative books

We have never had more debt, more derivatives, more risk. Don’t worry you are safe as your deposits are insured. Insured by what? In Canada and the US less than 1% of all deposits in the big banks under $100k are insured!! And they won’t bail the criminal out this time they will get bailed in as they just take your deposits when they fail in order to prop themselves up!!

The global monetary system is a Ponzi scheme and it will fail regarding of “how safe” governments make them!!

Hope this wakes you up before you let someone that work with criminals say that your house is safe as they just gave them the key to your house to rob you while they said they would protect you!!

I had enough of political BS so take a look at the charts and video’s above and then see for yourself that the so called fantastic US economy.


What do you think?


John Sneisen

The Economic Truth!