I want to thank all the people who have been following me and sharing my work with the world!!! I am truly grateful for your help and I will give all the time that I can to all of you to analyze and overlook the world of finance, economics, monetary system and geopolitics. Though they are wast it has become easier than ever to overlook these topics.

I challenge you to start what me and others have done!! Start spreading the truth about Money, Economics and Geopolitics and all the other important topics that needs public exposure!!

What will happen in 2016? Well there are a couple of things that it looks like will happen. I have been thinking a lot about what 2016 has in store for us and we have seen already the first week of the year what will be coming this year in the financial markets and the world. Though it is hard to predict a time frame for things there is certainly easy to predict an outcome if we study the history behind it.

Lets get down to the prediction part. Although I said it is hard to put a date on predictions involving human activity it is easy to see history repeat itself.

Predictions 2016!

  • The Canadian Dollar will continue to crash. I can see a floor maybe at $0.50 Canadian Dollars to $1 US Dollar or even further. It depends on how hard Stephen Poloz the current head of Bank of Canada is willing to destroy it to “help exporters” as he stated in his “throne” speech the 8th of Desember last year. The problem with printing currency through low interest rates and QE is that inflation will come after and it will hurt both producers and people in the economy. Today there are over 20 Central Banks that do this and it is most major ones. So to be competitive is almost impossible and it is just a race to 0!!!! Stop playing with peoples wealth and livelihoods bankster idiot.
  • USDvsCAD1y
  • Negative Interest rates in most major western countries. As The US FED has tried to show that they believe the global economy and its local economy is recovering. A recovery is far from the truth!! With massive unemployment, not the official 5.0%, but more 12-13% looking at worker participation rates. With massive drop in commodity prices. Stock prices are trying to follow, but manipulated markets are showing resistance as the banking sector are throwing free money on the stock market and real estate bonfires. You can call a negative interest rate two things a tax on your savings or a way to force money out into the economy. The problem is that most money flowing out of the monetary system is going into peoples mattresses not the economy in spending.
  • euro negative interest
  •  Oil will hit new record lows. Under $20 is very possible as less and less economic demand is forcing the price down as supply is steadily increasing. Also with Iranian oil hitting the markets we will see a even harder drop. We could see in a crazy scenario $10 a barrel oil. The continuous tension in the middle east and a all out war could cause oil prices to raise as high as $200 a barrel, but it is not likely. There is a joker there that will be hard to predict, but the ongoing tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia is not a good development for oil!
  • IMG_2713
  • We might see one or more hyper-inflationary events in 2016 as currencies will get abused and distrusted by the public in several countries. Below is a list of several suspects that can see a hyper-inflationary events. Both Argentina and Venezuela has both has recent hyper inflation and destruction of their currencies. Also War in several countries might move inflation up and a distrust from the people in those countries might cause a 1993 Yugoslavian hyper inflationary events as countries abuses their power to print currency to buy military equipment!
  • Hyperinflation 2016venezuela-2
  • All out war in the Middle East as Shiites, Sunnis and Jews confront each other. Mostly their ideological governments that have a collectivist mind frame that believes that the others should not exist as they don’t believe in what they do. Saudi Arabia vs Iran will be the key factor. And of course Erdogan in Turkey which is looking more and more like a tyrant.
  • shiiatesvs sunnis
  • 2016 Market Crashes. We are seeing the start to the current crashes that will happen as most major markets are down. This is just normal as they have been pumped up by cheap credit and Quantitative Easing by Central Banks. China in the last two weeks have force buy shares for 230 Yuan in order to desperately keep their massive real estate and commodity bubble afloat and to keep consumer in a certainty markets will always go up. Bankers are there to make a profit on you. They will tell you whatever they can to keep you convinced the markets are fine so they can exit why you buy at record highs. See the charts below if you are not convinced. Also remember the 7 year cycle in markets which is just due.
  • Global-stock-markets-fall-January-2016-800x500_c
  • Commodities further down in a deflationary spiral while Gold might inch up on risk. You have to remember that gold is heavily manipulated through the paper gold price GLD on COMEX. This will just continue, but we might see a breakout as COMEX is dangerously near default as the paper to gold ratio is at record ponzi scheme highs!
  • comexgoldleverageratio
  • Bail In regimes will come as stock markets collapses and banks collapse as they have gambled trillions of dollars that does not exist in derivative products. When you have money in a bank account that money is not yours and the bank will use that money to recapitalize itself as they loose money on their derivative betting and gambling. Think that bail ins are something that will never happen consider all these links to new legislation in Canada, EU and the US.  http://actionplan.gc.ca/en/initiative/risk-management-framework-domestic-systemicallyhttp://ca.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idCAKBN0OD14Z20150528https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/sdn/2012/sdn1203.pdf
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZfvYA7_L1E
  • Corporations will start suing governments as TTP and TTIP and other free trade agreements are in place. This legislations makes it possible for big multinational corporations to sue local governments if they have different rules that could hinder them from future profits. This is just a gigantic power grab. http://www.international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/agr-acc/tpp-ptp/index.aspx?lang=enghttp://www.exposethetpp.org/
  • A big terrorist attack in the US to cover up a potentially big market crash? They did it in 2001! To cover up the dot com crash which normally unfolding would have crashed the system and global failure would have been imminent. Remember the $10k  capital control implemented in the banking system after 9/11. A great way to strangle peoples freedom of currency movement.
  • More bankruptcies as more and more debt and unfunded liabilities are strangling local and national governments world wide. We will also see an increase in pensions and other government promises disappearing!! So much for the money you paid to these programs!! Your money will not be safe in Fiat Currencies in 2016!! http://dailyreckoning.com/205-trillion-in-unfunded-liabilities/
  • Watch out for the IMF and the world bank to push more countries into Special Drawing Rights debt as they try to spread their currency and strangle economies under water with cheap money that they will never pay back and then take your resources, land and infrastructure from you as you default on your IMF loans!! http://www.imf.org/external/np/exr/facts/sdr.htm
  • Bigger inequality problems as governments continue to help bankers and corporations to accumulate more and more power in the economy. We don’t have capitalism today in a free market way we have Keynesian government spending and corporate fascism!! The more money printed and the more QE and lower interest rates the more power those with access to this cheap money will get!!
  • More riots and looting as governments and big banks will be pushing division of groups and racism to put them up against each other instead of uniting us all to change the monetary system and governments for better. Also currency printing will be on the forefront in this push to eliminating people from cooperating against corrupt government and corporations.
  • Brazil riots
  • A big drop in Small and Medium size businesses as more taxation, legislation and rules strangle the most important people in the economy that is the backbone of any economy.
  • us destruction of business
  • The China Debt bubble will unravel as they have seen a massive raise in debt and will de-leverage!! China Margin debtChina debt

There you go. There is the 15 points I see as high probability to happen in 2016.

John Sneisen

The Economic Truth