I want to take some time to tell you about an amazing event I attended this weekend in Paso Robles California.


The event was put on by an organization I am blessed to sit on the council on. Freedom Force International is an organization that works hard on finding people that believe in more freedom for people and less government where the individual have innate rights and no democracy can control a minority.

The world is changing and you need to start taking action to help change it for a better place. Collectivism is on the raise and people who believe we are all the same is gaining power around the world.

This needs to stop as any movement where a collective rules the individual has to be a part of it.

john and ed


I was able to meet people that work together with Robert Kiyosaki and one of the most successful Real Estate pod casters in the world, US congress candidates, UN insiders, wealthy successful entrepreneurs experts on different topics, several authors and was able to learn how they do business. I also learned from Politicians from Montana how they are able to limit government, keep taxes low and give more freedom to their citizens.

How you can revive a nation was a fantastic presentation. Using military tactics to learn how you can take back a nation without violence.


I was able to open up several doors and have 7 interviews in the works from very smart and knowledgeable individuals. I was able to talk to one of the top people in global commodity trading and get some mindboggling insights into how the traders in commodities commit massive fraud.

I was mentored by one of the worlds most successful Financial Authors. G. Edward Griffin who exposed how the monetary system works.

I met one of the founders of one of the worlds biggest gold storage companies. Goldmoney.com.

When you meet people of this caliber they will automatically rise you to the next level and motivate you to take massive action to make our countries and world a better place where individualism and freedom will reign and people will be free from government coercion and corruption.

Freedom and Individualism individualism is the future of our society!

I am so excited about the future. Everyone should attend a Freedom Force International congress and become a member.

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John Sneisen

The Economic Truth