The Free Market Economy

The Economy Of Choice

What is a Free Market?

A free market can also involve other systems we have talked about on this page.

A free market system where the market decides prizes and the system they want to use as a medium of exchange. A free market has a government that have a very limited power and only works as a referee a legal entity saying that you have broken a rule. This court system will look nothing like the complex system we have today!

Free markets do not give bailouts or bailins of bankrupt institutions, it does not allow lobbying and taxes might be limited to a tax on consumption which is fair as when we take from the earth by consumption we should give back to the collective earth and it will provide to build projects we need! A free market also allows a fair competition as people will be able to vote what they want with their wallets and the laws would not be written in favour of big corporations!


Can we really have a true free market? Here is Mas Keiser’s answer!

A free market will not have a political system as we have today as people choose who they want in a real election and the elected governors that oversee as fair referees will work for the people not for anyone else!

A truly free market would be great as we all have the possibility to be treated fairly.

Would healthcare and necessary services be provided by private or public? We would choose our self, but in our opinion a free market would have an incentive to create the best possible and competitive hospital and health care and a sewage system would be run by people who do it effectively and for a fair price that is very competitive. There might be more competitors.

Could there be collusion and corruption in a free market? Yes, but if we have a constitution that takes care of making these criminal acts there will be none. It might happen, but again the people could vote with their wallets.

A free market based on a republic and continuous watch over any hostile corporate or government take over. We will educate our kids about how from 1913-20xx the governments and corporations and banks took over and ran the world.

What about education? Education in a free market system would be largely made by producers or trades companies as they would know best how to educate you not the government. If you wanted “Higher Education” in this world, you could go to a university to get real education about how to make the world better by thoughts, invention and educating yourself about history and look into future and new technologies that would be in the best interest for the people.

Is a free market a dream? Or can we achieve it?

Well, that’s up to you to choose! But the founding fathers of the US had probably the best free market system that have been in modern time. The problem is that we would still have to fight the power struggle of a government that wants more control and banks who want ultimate control over people through a FIAT Currency created with interest to create the modern day slavery we have today and that we have had 100s of times in the past!

Free Market Thinkers

So where to start to learn about a free market? Who are the experts?
There are many fantastic speakers and minds on the Free Market topic. Here are some of the ones we believe are the closest to believe in a 100% free market: