I want to first express my gratitude to all the people who have followed and believed in what I do. Without the people who support the truth and freedom to speak of the truth there would be no light at the end of the economic tunnel.

Although we are facing years of turmoil and volatility and exceptional markets and prices which would show no real attachment to the economy. I believe we can make moves towards a more free and educated society.

debt slavery

I want to take some time to express some of the goals The Economic Truth has for this year. By expressing our goals we then become accountable to you to give you better information, better content and grow all over the world so more people get to know that there is hope in speaking the truth and freedom principles. If we don’t follow our goals we will have issues of contributing to society and helping changing it by focusing outside our goals. We need laser sharp focus and we need to take action so we can all be on the same page and you all can help us achieve our goals so we all can become a great force of good and positive change for millions of people world wide.

Our goals for the next year is getting our Youtube Channel up and running, having Economic Truth Meetup’s in 3 or more countries, set up a monthly google hangout and economic education forum and discussion, tripling out people following us on Twitter and Facebook. Plus add many competitions to win prizes of real value.


Is there anything you want to see us do?? If so we are very open for suggestions!!! We want your input on what we do!

We are very passionate about educating people about Economics and economic systems. We do believe all individual humans have the right to make their own decisions in what they believe as long as it is not in aggression against a group or other people. You need to understand that if we want a successful revolution in this world we need choice! A choice is freedom, but not limited to certain options, but to all options available for human societies.

society stands up

Let us all take actions to help the economic truth grow into something that is way bigger than all of us x a billion. Let’s leave a legacy for our kids, and their predecessors not of debt and monetary imprisonment from our actions, but of freedom and choice for them all. Lets revamp our education and take away the power from self interest groups to rule us. Let us give the gift of critical thinking back to our kids and their following generations. Let us share rather than compete and hide new inventions, technologies or destroy these by copyrights.

An open community based society that have decentralized power is the way to go. Where of course free markets work their ways without any form of government interference.

Lets talk trends and forecasts:

  1. In 2015 we see a stock market crash. This stock market crash globally will probably not be the defining one. We do see another round of QE currency printing, but after this one the crashes will come very rapidly and with no real economics in play there will be a continuous infusion of printing and negative interest rates to keep the dead economy alive on life support.
  2. Continuous increase in debt levels world wide. The Compounding interest game is not over and we believe the only time it will decrease is the end of the current monetary system.
  3. More financial innovation, more risky lending like Car Title Loans. These types of loans are a sign of people being desperate to keep their head over water from stagnate and decreasing wages combined with inflation in food and commodity prices.
  4. Gold might be able to break out again to $2000+, but will it be papered over and more manipulation through gold derivative creation by Central Bankers world wide. A rising gold price should be in place in a real market, but since mid 2013 prices have been stagnate.
  5. More Bail Ins watch Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Spain, maybe Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland??
  6. Oil prices down to near $35 a barrel as the supply want stop. Can we see the raise of creation of Carbon taxes and Gas taxes as Government oil income comes to a minimum. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102313435. We all know how there is a lot of theories out there, but have anyone thought about that and also a consolidation of power among the petro companies as the small companies are running deficits and might get taken over by the big guys.
  7. collectivism
  8. A further move on sanctions on Russia, Russia might get cornered. But we don’t see a move from Russia until maybe next year 2016. We know Russia have a couple of cars to play. Nuclear bombs, gold and US debt. Which one is hard to guess, but I do hope it is not my first guess. I am all for peace and I don’t want a total nuclear holocaust!!!
  9. Venezuela goes bust and maybe ends up in hyper inflation. With a current 2014 inflation rate of 63.42% as per Tradingeconomics.com A currency reset or a gold standard? It could be a “Black Swan”
  10. Ukraine hyper inflation? A current inflation of 24.90% can snowball if Ukraine goes into full blown civil war.
  11. Comex default? It is very possible with a current leverage of paper gold GLD of about 100:1.
  12. comex leverageWill we see a crash I fracking junk bond derivatives? Who has bought these and what is the banksters leverage on these assets as Fracking has been in a massive boom.
  13. Greece exiting the Eurozone and defaulting once more. This can happen as the political turmoil in the failed Collectivist state is getting nearer.
  14. Will Bitcoin regain power as Bail Ins might become a reality. Bail Ins will scare people all over the world as they find out that their fiat national currencies are not safe in their bank account. We can see many more Cyprus moments.
  15. Canada will finally have a big collapse of all of it’s raked up debt and a collapse in Real Estate Prices in some areas like Vancouver, Toronto and Alberta with the oil price problems.
  16. More riots across the world as many collectivists around the world tighten their grip financially and politically. Will we see more civil wars?
  17. More people waking up and joining people who want to get their freedom back.

Remember we still are humans that are capable of love, peace and freedom

That is some of my predictions and trends that I see will become the focus around the world as the fiat currency petro dollar system gets further down into the black hole of debt and interest. I think we need to be reminded about how important it will be that we get together and fight the criminal minds running this dysfunctional and failing economy. We need to partner up join forces. We need to become friends and fight against the failing status quo.

I have a suggestion!!!!! Join Freedom Force International!! I have been supporting this international group of individuals monetarily for the last couple of years and I think you should too!!!

freedom force international

I recently attended a conference in Paso Robles California with Freedom Force. And I got excited about the fight for freedom of individuals!!!!!!! Let us change the world by living our life through these principles.

Sign up as a Chartered Member here!!!! This is a call to action of all Economic Truthers out there. Giving $12-$100 a month to a global force who will fight for freedom all over the world will be worth it!!!

Peace, Love and Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!

John Thore Stub Sneisen

The Economic Truth