A Gold Standard

When our currency is backed by gold reserves and there is a restriction of how much currency that can be created as a set reserve ratio 10%, 30%, 50% or 100% can back the currency. This standard has been alive and well throughout history. The only flaw we see in this is that it will be a system very like today and a centrally planned currency is not in our personal favour.

We do believe though that it would be a lot better option than a FIAT currency! As a gold standard gives you at anytime the ability to convert your currency back into physical metals. The problem with gold standards and the government is that they and the bankers could sabotage by under the radar print more currency and gradually take us back to a FIAT currency again, as was done from 1913-1971.

The dangers of a gold standard system explained through a scheme called rehypothication and are used today with the gold that is held in Fort Knox in the US for countries around the world.

We see this with everything today as derivatives of a real assets is the only way most people and Wall Street to steal from people and make themselves ultra rich!

Why is gold and silver a commodity?

Here is a great documentary explaining why gold has made such an impact for humanity and why we still value this metal. This travel throughout history gives you imaginable insight into why people value gold even today!